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Owner Salvador (Antonio) Martinez has over 25 years of personal roofing experience. In 2010, he decided to open a family-owned-and-operated roofing business to directly offer his excellent services to the San Antonio community and surrounding areas. Power Roofing & Carpentry Corporation works hard to provide efficient services. We are members of the BBB and fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Storm Damage and Your Roof

Weather can damage all roofs, and that's especially true here in Texas. As such, experts advise protecting your property with roof insurance. You should ask your agent to clearly explain what type of coverage you receive for catastrophic scenarios.

And remember, if your structure has minor damage, you can hire a professional roofer without filing an insurance claim.

How to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Hail/Wind Damage

If you suspect roof damage following a storm, the first thing to do is contact your insurance company. Experts also suggest that you call a trusted roofing contractor to inspect, determine the damage extent, and recommend when you should begin storm damage repair. If you consult with multiple roofing contractors, request that they explain their services and collect business cards so that you can contact them later.

House With Asphalt Roof

When you call your insurance company, be sure to ask about its policy regarding filing roofing insurance claims for storm damages. Then, explain the roof damage and tell when the incident occurred. Let your agent know if your roof is leaking because it is vital to repair significant damage as soon as possible. 

Typically, the insurance company's claims department contacts you by letter after your initial call. Then an adjuster reaches out to you to set up an inspection, during which they will photograph the damage and make a repair or replacement estimate to the insurer. Your insurance agent will probably advise you against signing a contract with a contractor until the company approves the work.

You can then start the process of searching for a professional roofing contractor with a good reputation. Once you find one, explain to your contractor how the insurance company will pay them. Most of the time, the carrier covers all charges minus your deductible. If your insurer doesn't provide enough money, have the contractor negotiate with the company. Often, insurance carriers hold back funds until the contractor finishes the job. If this happens, send them a letter of completion from your contractor with the exact amount, and they'll send you the difference. 

Power Roofing & Carpentry Corporation has experience working with insurance claims from different companies, and we are happy to assist our customers with a free roof inspection and insurance claims.

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